Hôtel Angleterre Grenoble

Our values

At the Hôtel d’Angleterre, the well-being of each individual and the environment is in a central place. 
To do this, we take particular care in our daily life to follow a long-term approach, for sustainable and inclusive tourism. 

The teams are trained and made aware of the eco-friendly actions to follow. 
Selective sorting is a priority in waste management, and we limit individually packaged products on our Breakfast buffet as much as possible. 
The products we offer to our clients are all seasonal products, from short circuits and local suppliers.
We want to promote local products. 
Our electricity use is managed centrally and optimized in order to limit energy losses. 

Hôtel Angleterre Grenoble

RSE approach 

We want to integrate sustainable development issues into our vision of the company on a daily basis. 

To do this, we pay particular attention to the environment; with our various environmental actions and labels, to the territory and its development, with local people. 

But we are also very attentive to consumers and their expectations, as well as in the loyalty of our practices. 

And finally, working conditions and human rights are a central point at the Hôtel d’Angleterre.

Everyone is supported, monitored, trained and listened to. 

The well-being of everyone, employee, customer, supplier, is essential. 

Qualité Tourisme 

This label guarantees you an excellent, warm and personalized welcome, but also cleanliness and assured comfort.

Hôtel Angleterre Grenoble

Clef Verte 

The Hôtel d’Angleterre obtained the Green Key Label in 2023, and still have it in 2024.

This is the first national and international environmental label for sustainable tourism in tourist accommodation. 

Café Joyeux 

Café Joyeux is the first solidarity specialty coffee brand.
It is also the first family of café-restaurants to employ and train people with mental and cognitive disabilities. 
100% of profits contribute to the next openings of café-restaurants and to the employment of people with mental and cognitive disabilities. 
We invite you to taste this coffee served from the heart, and why not buy some in our shop! 

Hôtel Angleterre Grenoble

Welcoming people with disabilities 

The Hôtel d’Angleterre team is trained and aware of welcoming people with disabilities.
If the history and the old building do not allow us to welcome people in wheelchairs, we also do our best to offer everyone with a disability, visible or not, a warm welcome.